Veggies are GOOD!!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I love eating all sorts of vegetables.
Since I was small.
Until forevah hehe.

I married a guy who hates veggies.
All types of veggies.
No wonder he is fat.
Ahahaha just kidding :p

Well, now since I have been eating veggies non-stop and double the amount of greens when I was pregnant, Alhamdulillah my baby boy is not allergic to anything.
And me myself has no allergic whatsoevah (God bless us)

I have trained my baby boy to eat veggies and fruits regularly on daily basis since he was 6 months old.
And it paid off.
He loves vegetables as much as I do.
Carrots, broccolis, cabbages, cauliflowers, and he would eat anything that is green on the plate:)
Ok, I love veggies, but I don't really know all of their names and heritage lol
So don't expect me to list all of them here hehe

eating his fave : broccoli :)

he ate half the plate of the caesar salad on his own :)

Last week we brought him to the doctor for checkups and even the doctor was so amazed at how good my son's teeth are muahahaha
That is the result of eating healthy food. 
No sugar, no salt, definitely no sweets.
Organic food, fruits, veggies, brown rice, milk and water.
Sometimes I gave him orange juice (for vitamin C)
That's it.That's all.

nampak tak gigi dia yg tersusun rapi tu?depan ada 8,geraham tgh tumbuh hehe

I know some of the mothers are skeptical for giving their babies veggies
probably because of the toxic and poisonous things in our nowadays food
pesticides on our veggies
Hey, that's why I use Biozone Food Purifier
Its safe and helps me a lot
in serving healthy purified food to my family

careful with our greens, make sure its safe to be eaten, always use Biozone :)

once the veggie is purified, they even look greener and yes, they taste better:)

And please, if you say its too early to give veggies to the baby 
you are wrong
The earlier the better
If you are feeding your baby with unhealthy snacks,
its going to be extremely hard for u to break their habit and start feeding them with veggies later
probably all u get is bitter rejection
and probably obese is on their way

This is sad :(

please help our child to become healthy, nurture them to eat the right way.

So please, please start eating healthy food now
I just ate salad yesterday
And I need it now
Later guys.tootles.

avocado and strawberry salad.yum!!!!


A Girl Like You said...

wowww! I impress! Comel nya makan sayur!

noly anna said...

hihihi thank u :p
mmg cute kan toddler makan sayur?hehehe
jom makan sayurrr