Assalamualaikum w.b.t

TEAMWORK. It is easy to say, but not everyone is willing to do it. Why? I dare to say because some of us have not seen the strength of unity aka TEAMWORK. 

So what is it, really? TEAMWORK is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. So it means everybody can do it. Yay!

In GLAM,  we do business as in TEAMWORK and here's how it benefits us:

In our group, we collaborate with each other and it allows us to focus on what we do best. One of my business partner is good in IT, so she helps us in that area, and another is good in motivating others, so she motivates us through our journey in this business, another is really good in communication, so she helps us with that, and etc. We help each other, and that increases our efficiency in this business a lot.
When we are able to focus on what we do best, we produce higher-quality work. We learn faster, and that of course improves our business faster. GLAM is a long term business, its a career, and most people in GLAM, we spend two years perfecting our business, and voila, after two years of teamwork, we'll get bonus of RM40k per month. Hows that for a career? And yes, the amount of the bonus is infinity. Just ask our mentor HANIS HAIZI and RAZALI ZAIN, they both earn 6figures every month. Everyone in GLAM will, as long as we maintain to do this---> TEAMWORK :)
Trying to do everything yourself can have negative consequences on your health and mind. In GLAM, if we have problems we can always talk to our group leaders and mentors, they are like our best friends. They don't shut you out, they help you. Its a simple mantra, if we do business happily, we will be at our optimum level and its definitely good for the team :)
Every strong team needs a solid foundation of trust, otherwise morale can suffer. Our team cultivates trust, from top to bottom, maintain open lines of communication between all team members, and operates with transparency. We are like family. In GLAM, we don't only build business, WE BUILD PEOPLE. You can't work with people you don't trust. Frankly speaking, GLAM is like my second family. I trust my mentors, I trust my leader, and I trust all my business partners. And trust me, I don't trust people easily. Ngehehe macam pantun lah pulokk.

So that's us in GLAM. The first thing you all need to do is to trust yourself, that you have the potential to do business. Our business is LONG-TERM BUSINESS. Its not a one-hit wonder. Beside the money, free trips, car fund and etc, this business really help me to care about others and start thinking as a leader. Before this, I don't really give a damn about anyone else. As long as you don't mess with me and my family, good enough. Now I really develop myself towards being a better individual and hopefully a better woman, In Sha Allah.

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