Corset Diet?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I have received many questions about the Premium Beautiful corset this week, and sadly I could not reply to all of the questions because I was quite busy huhuhu so now I decided to answer the most frequently asked questions by my lovely customers; about DIETING and CORSET. Can we combine these two together? Hell yeah. Logically speaking, we need to eat a balanced meal and wearing the right corset (which is the Premium Beautiful corset) in order to get in shape in much shorter time, say, less than 1 month! Yes, it's possible, ladies. Well, I don't know about all of u, but most probably most of us have followed our chosen diet for some time now, and probably (I said PROBABLY) the weight aren't shedding and the body shape is far far away from Jessica Alba's post-baby body or even Jennifer Lopez's. I know this is really frustrating. Even Jessica Alba admitted that she wore corset after giving birth to get her body back in shape really fast. 

Trust me, every woman's body is the same, but the way we treated our body is what makes it difference from other woman. Don't blame a woman with beautiful body and say she is genetically engineered from God to have that body. The truth is she takes care of her body really well. That's all. How, you ask? I am going to give you a new way of dieting using a Premium Beautiful corset. Yes, we are women. Yes, we need a corset. Yes, stop denying all the benefits of buying a Premium Beautiful corset. And yes, it is cheaper than your Iphone. Eh, how many Iphone did you buy? ekekeke yes, you may slap yourself because  u can't use your Iphone as your corset.

I have found this CORSET DIET online and basically this group of women carried out this diet experiment to see if wearing a corset would help in weight reduction. After 6 weeks conducting such experiment, all of the ladies involved were so happy because they got their desired body shape and they have totally reduce a lot of weight. So here's how if u wish to do this CORSET DIET on your own. Reminder: to get best result, please use Premium Beautiful corset only. If you use other corset and the result coming out is not satisfactory, blame yourself.

  • It helps with weight loss and has many benefits that normal diets do not have
  • Figure control gives a defined waist upon fitting and lacing the corset
  • A pleasure hugging sensation and a cosy comfort that other diets cannot offer
  • It is one of many alternative methods for reducing appetite

  1. Buy a Premium Beautiful corset according to your size. Do not borrow or steal from your makcik or sister as the size may be different (wrong size will cause your body to feel uncomfortable /hard to put on or off/sick) The correct size corset is the key to the diet.
  2. This corset will slowly form to your body, and so tightening should take place over a few days.
  3. Gentle pressure on the tummy area will reduce the capacity for food and give the feeling of fullness, which is a key problem to other diets.
  4. The first few days the corset should only be worn for a few hours.
  5. Try putting it on before your biggest meal of the day and leave it on for one hour after eating.
  6. Once you have become used to the feel of the corset, it should be worn between 9 am to 9 pm. (you can manage the time accordingly if you are working, no biggie)
  7. Food should only be consumed when wearing the corset and not within 2 hours of taking off the corset i.e consume your last meal at 7pm if u want to take off your corset at 9pm.
  8. If, after a period of time the corset becomes loose even with the laces fully tightened, another smaller corset will be required. You have to buy a new set of Premium Beautiful corset with a newer smaller size. (this is a sign that this corset diet is successful)
  9. And repeat the ritual of this corset diet until you have that incredibly beautiful and healthy body. hehe Yes, you can drool now.

this is the new premium beautiful elegance, the model wore it during the launch recently

This is the classic premium beautiful

if you have any inquiries about the diet or the Premium Beautiful corset, don't be shy to call / text me on this number 017-6276532.
I'll be glad to help you:)


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