Time Management Tips

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Today I want to share with you a few tips on how to manage our precious time. Being a working mom, I know the feeling of not having enough time to juggle our work and family,let alone our own free time. I don't think I even have any more 'me' time since I gave birth a year ago haishhh...Sounds bad?meh, I can still improve my life, and u too. If u follow these tips :)

  1. ASSESS YOUR TIME --> Look closely at how you spend your time. Experts say that most people spend up to an hour a day on tasks that could be on hold / completely eliminated from their schedule.
  2. PRIORITIZE --> The key to organization is knowing what's your priority and what can wait. Divide your to-do list into 3 sections; things that need to be done immediately, things that can be done on weekends, and things that are long-term projects.
  3. ORGANIZE --> Get a file cabinet and keep a copy of everything. Keep a folder for each child /each bills so you know exactly where to find all of their information.
  4. PICK YOUR BATTLES --> Decide what you can live with and what really gets under your skin.
  5. MULTITASK --> Learn to consolidate jobs and get things done during downtime.
  6. GIVE EVERYONE A JOB --> Get help from everyone in your family for chores that they can tackle. i.e from sorting laundry to picking things up (even your little ones can do this to help u)
  7. POST IT --> Hang a family wall calendar to keep track of everything (doctor's appointment, family day at school, movie dates with your hubby etc) I did this and it helps so much in organizing my day, especially when i'm sorting my business appointments:)
  8. PUT EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE --> One of the biggest time wasters is looking for lost items. Avoid the hassle by putting stuff back to where they belong.

I hope these tips help:) Sometimes when I get really sick, I get my husband to get all the things done. So yeah, the message here is, we have to train our hubby too to master all these skills hehe:p


Montana said...

wow..menariknya time management Noly...style2....Martin Luther King tu..lama xnampak dan dengaq nama brother ni

mysha said...

gud tips utk akak yang kurang sket time management nyer

noly anna said...

hahaha kalau xbuat mcm ni,mmg kelam kabut gile hidupkuuu haha anak dhlah aktif sgt2

noly anna said...

hehe jom try sama2 :p

tenku butang said...

done follow sini no. 25
sudilah kiranya follow me back yea..
he2.. salam kenal.. keep in touch yea..=)


dan my 2nd blog

noly anna said...

hehe thanx.i will :)