These are REALLY Cool Stuffs!!


Today I have some free time to check out other blogs and found out that there are really cool stuffs out there (like,literally VERY COOL stuffs!!) . And now I am seriously thinking of buying them HAHAHAHA my crazy mode is on. Alright, let's get crazy together hehe.

  • Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling

This is a book that provides hours of fun for thumb-wrestling masters. Only now, we're using the lightsabers muahahaha the book contain 7 board games depicting classic star wars battles. Let's wrestle! This is good for my hubby and I.SERIOUSLY haha

  • Batman Chess Set

The Dark Knight is obviously very sexy. The fanciest superhero of all , I would say. Villains the Joker, Catwoman, Riddler, and Penguin join Batman, Robin, Batgirl and commissioner Gordon in this huge chess set hehe most impressive is the chess set's 50 LED lights encircling the board's surface, illuminating both it and the surrounding of Gotham city scape, plus projecting the Bat-signal onto your living room ceiling. OH I DIE. THIS IS SOOOO COOL!! 

    • Cards against humanity

    The game is simple (who doesn't love simplicity?) Each round, one player asks a question from the black card and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. This should be HILARIOUS ngehehe a good play with my hubby :p

      • LEGO Bat Cave

      If I buy this for my hubby, I can get a diamond ring from him. And a house.

      • Crocheted Knight Helmet

      Definitely for a cool kid like my son hahahaha

      • The Dark Knight Bookshelf

      A must have for batman die hard fan a.k.a ME!!!

      OK, because I am super crazy right now, I am gonna stop putting more and more crazy awesome pictures of these cool stuffs. Once I get my hands on them, I'll let u know and post pictures like, a zillion pictures to show you how 'jakun' this woman is. 


      Nur A.Z said...

      Knight Helmet paling best!!!

      noly anna said...

      hehehe kann??kalau pandai jahit dah lama jahit sndiri hehee