SM / SSM Award 2014


Been meaning to post this entry last week, but yeah. A lot going on haha. So here it goes. This year, I celebrated my business partners; 3 of them actually, but 1 of them couldn't make it on that day. So proud of them. Really am. In less than 6 months, they have achieved such recognition in business, and all of them have not known any business related thingy before. Just by being a Glampreneur that they have learned so many things, been taught by incredible mentors and leaders, and managed to make thousands of sales. Yup, not just thousands, more than 50k each. How about that? We have strong teamwork energy and really good marketing strategy, so basically, yay! haha. Aiming for time freedom and money freedom because we all love our families so much, and we realized bonding time with our kids and families are really expensive these days, thats why we decided to venture into this beautiful business. So that in two or three years ahead, we don't have to waste our time working 9-5 earning limited income and missing a lot of our precious family time. We wanna travel with our kids anywhere anytime without the migraines of thinking about the money anymore. DREAM BIG, PEOPLE. IT CAN BE DONE. So, enjoy the pictures.

pm me to join us today! 017-6276532 :)

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