Do you still remember?


Selamat hari jumaat.

Today I came across these pictures and they made me ponder.
These pictures really reminded me of our past.
How far we've become and how far we've developed.

Somewhere in my heart 
I know I miss these scenes.

Their wrinkles and their sweats.
The way they dressed.
The way they speak to you.
Giving you their best service.
Only to fill their empty stomach.

Oh how I adore them.

Berpeluh tanpa mengeluh sedikit pun.
Demi mencari sesuap nasi.

Nowadays we've become really addicted to online shopping.
everything is easier.
There's nothing wrong with it.
I love online shopping and everything that comes with it.

Semua di hujung jari.

Cuma kadang-kadang kita lupa.
Cara dahulu yang susah.
Bila cara sekarang terlampau mudah.

Lupa nak bersyukur.
Lupa nak berterima kasih.
Lupa cara nak bekerja keras.

Kadang kadang sampai lupa asal usul.

p/s : dah lama x pegi pasar malam kat sabak hahaha.alaa rindu nak beli makanan kat sanaaa


Ija Rased said...

alhamdulilah..sentiasa bersukur dngn nikmat yg allah bagi.

noly anna said...

alhamdulillah :)