Are u pregnant?


Soooo..are u pregnant?or planning to get pregnant soon?
Want your skin and your baby's skin to be healthy and pretty?
Ever heard of collagen?

Good news for all pregnant mothers out there.
You can also consume BBPLUS COLLAGEN during your pregnancy.
Because of these effects:

Reported Benefits (both clinical and anecdotal)

Have your baby born with beautiful skin ( no allergic / rash /eczema )

Help to reduce stretch marks after you gave birth (yayy!!)

Apart from that, you can also experience these phenomenal effects(pregnant or not) :

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Improves texture and tone of skin

Strengthens brittle nails

Increases moisture levels in skin ( your skin will glow even without makeup )

Accelerates recovery from bone and soft tissue damage  ( fight osteoporosis )

Increases mobility in arthritic and stiff joints

Improves strength, shine and manageability of hair ( your white hair can turn to black again!!)

Sufficient collagen in breast helps enhanced the size and firmness of your breasts
(ehem..u don't need to go under the knife to get that perfect cup)

you can see the result as fast as in 3 days !

Within a year, your skin would be perfect just like u were born yesterday hehe :)

ok thats me. the biggest difference is my face is not that oily and my skin has become rosy. nak kata cantik sgt tu xlahhhh.tapi nnt korang cuba la kat muka korang,mesti cantek punya lahhh. oh ya, my face is makeup free in both pictures. because I only wore makeup once; for my wedding hahaha

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