Corset Diet : My First Week


As I have updated in my FB / IG before, I have officially worn my PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL corset for a week now. So I have decided to make a weekly log to state and identify my own progress using it. So far the result has been very exciting :)

  • FIRST DAY - Struggling a bit to snuck my body in that tight corset. Use the third hook for the corset (the outest hook haha is that even a word?lol) Just wore it for 2 hours to introduce the corset to my body. Don't want to force my body too much. Did not eat anything while wearing it because I was basically just laid down the whole hours and read comics. But I ate right after I got out of the corset. HAHAHA.

  • SECOND DAY - Wore it for 4 hours, starting at lunch until 4pm. Ate a small portion of lunch, and ate some light snacks for dinner. It started to get comfy on my body.

  • THIRD DAY- As I work on this day, I decided to go full mode and wore it straight from 7am to 6pm. Contrary to popular 'beliefs' out there, the corset is definitely making my body cooler and I did not sweat as much. Just the usual heat. So yeah, no extra sweat, its a winner! Ate my breakfast in my usual portion and because I have paid for it I forced myself to finish it. I almost cried. HAHAHA. Results? Went to the toilet and had cute farts accompanied me all day long. Luckily the students were on their semester break. Can't eat lunch as I felt so full but munched on snacks at 4pm, and that's all. Phew.

  • FOURTH DAY - Also wore it for the whole working hours, but today I was able to use the second hook (middle hook) on my waist nipper. I felt slimmer already.HEHEHE. Learnt my lesson from yesterday, so I bought just a small portion of breakfast(but still nasi lemak y'all, I love u no matter what) and then had some snacks for tea time. Went home, got out of the corset and felt full until next morning. And yes, my body can move like usual and I didn't feel as if I was wearing any corset underneath my baju kurung. awesome.
seriously, this is how I feel haha not how I look, just how I feel. victoria secret angel gituuu haha tgk dorg rilekkk je pakai korset kann

  • FIFTH DAY - Went through the same process as yesterday, but everything just got easier and faster. The first day I put on corset, it took me for almost 10minutes to adjust everything to make it right onto my body (without any help because I don't want to trouble my husband to help me with it every morning, nanti lain pulak jadinya hadoii), but now it only took me a single minute to wear it on my own. Probably because the fat has surrendered HAHAHA.

  • SIXTH DAY - To my amazement, this morning I was able to use the first hook (the tightest hook) and I was quite surprised by the amazing change. Went to work and had fun as usual. Cute portion of breakfast and snacks on tea time.

  • SEVENTH DAY - Went out with my husband and my friend, had our breakfast at 10am, and then I ate ice cream sundae for my lunch because I was still full, but then bought cheesy fries to eat in the car on our way home. That's all. The best part was, my husband suddenly said to me before we went to bed,"eh apesal perut u macam dah flat je?eh sejak bile?terernye corset tu boleh flat kan perut u kejap je hahaha.." rasa nak tampor pon adeee mulut laki aku neh hahaa tapi xpe, even he saw the result in just a week. 
Well, seriously I never thought the result would be that fast, because I have gained a lot of weight since february this year. I give myself 2 months to get in shape by using this PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL CORSET and get rid of all the unnecessary fats in my body. Will continue this weekly log next week. 

Come and join me in this corset diet, start being healthy and be confident in what u wear. If u want to know more about this PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL corset, or the process of this corset diet, feel free to contact me via phone : 

whatsapp / text me on 017-6276532

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