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Now we are half way to Eidul Fitr. I believe all of us have done our best to serve ourselves to Allah in this glorious month. Tadarrus, Tarawikh, Fasting (of course), giving donations, and all of the other good deeds that we normally do in Ramadhan.

Starting from this week at least, most of us has started to prepare ourselves and our families for Eid. This is the time that people get busy. Cleaning the entire house (phew), choosing and buying desired baju raya and kueh raya, preparing duit raya (heheh), decorating the house, and definitely servicing the cars! But how many of you service your body for Eid? Especially for ladies out there, as we do most of the work for Eid preparations. Boleh patah pinggang nak mengemas rumah kan? Of course it is,jangan tipulah. Puasa x baik tipu tau hehehe. Yes some of us go to spa and get massages, but the effects will not last long. Kalau balik dari spa,tgk rumah dah sepah balik, x meroyan ke?haihh..xkan nak patah balik g spa kan?hehe.

I have a better solution than just having your ka-ching spend in spas everytime you need to service your body. Actually, the more frequent we service our body, the better our body condition will be, Insya Allah. Sama lah macam servis kereta, cuba beli kereta lepas tu xservis kereta tu langsung selama setahun atau dua tahun. Tapi ko bawak je kereta tu pegi kemana2,g dating,g pasar malam,g hantar anak,g keje,g balik kampung,confirm setahun jela dah tamat riwayat kereta tu.time tu,nak servis pun dh makan ribuan ringgit.Kalau xpercaya,cubalah.

So what is the solution? PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL is the answer. It is the luxury black corset. It has been in the market for more than 15 years, awarded as one of the SUPERBRAND product, have high demand in the market, and also the main sponsor of GADIS MELAYU and BELLA AWARDS. By wearing this corset, you can definitely repair and service your body's condition, and it can improve our body shape. Kita ni perempuan, kalau kita happy dgn body shape yg cantik, mesti kita pun automatic rasa cantik kan? Lagi2 time nak raya ni, kalau semua baju raya xmuat, macam mana?Takkan nak raya pakai baju size xxxxxxl pulak?Even if u are wearing abayas,tapi kalau lemak terkeluar sana sini, x elok jadinya. Abayas are meant to be flowy and not tight,but if yours are too tight to wear, you know you should start wearing PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL.

This is how your body will look like when you wear the corset

You definitely don't wanna look like this for this Raya

For those who just gave birth, this corset can help you during and after your confinement. It does better than your traditional corset. Confinement nowadays is not that painful anymore by using PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL. I'll update more on the benefits of PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL in my next entry. Meanwhile, if you want to order your own PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL corset, contact me now. 017-6276532 

Eid is just around the corner, ladies. Don't wait too long to service your body :)

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