Bandung Part 4 (final part)


The story bout me went to Bandung is getting dusty hehe but this is the final day about my trip to Indonesia not long time ago heheh.Last day, fully spent only in Jakarta, the busiest city I have visited yet. Still got some final shopping here and there, cleaning up our pocket :p and did a bit of sight seeing, the president's car (along with all the policemen and sirens) were also there,) they were going to the parliamentary or something) the whole crowd were stunned and got excited later lol. By the way, here are some pictures.

The mosque is really big. The capacity is enough for 100 000 people

The church is right side by side of the mosque

It's the president! I am not kidding

Shopping in Tanah Abang

The building is sooo big

I had to buy a new bag to put all the stuff that we bought in Tanah Abang


Trying out some abayas hhahaha

Look, there are a few shops with my husband's name ahahaha (so his name is Indonesian?)ahaha

meals for the hungry family

Creepy, I know ahaha overdose of shopping

Basically, shopping and travelling does make anyone happy. Will shop more and travel more hehe. Tootles. 

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