Free Trip to Gold Coast Australia


Today is already July. So the first half of the year is gone. Well, have you asked yourself, what have you achieved within this 6 months? For those who have worked and have your own families, what have you provided for them? Or even for yourself? Have you rewarded yourself after doing so much work for this six months? Some of us might have, and some might not even achieved anything yet. Worry not, people. You still have time to achieve something before this year ends.

As for me, my work in the office has been good. No complain at all. The payroll comes every month, the family is happy and my baby boy is very healthy. Alhamdulillah. And for my part time business, I have the best time of doing it. Its been only 2 months, and I have been spending my weekends with business sharings, meeting new clients and expanding business via social medias. As busy as it sounds, it is really fun. Besides, its a good way of spending my weekends with my hubby and my son. After meeting clients, we would go shopping and have lunch or even watch movies, or just hangout together, only this time, the money keeps coming into my pocket. Thanks to my business partner and my mentor who keep coaching me nonstop :)

Well, the company has just announced the new package, which is the Trip to Aussie , totally FOC!  (hehe it rhymes) Alhamdulillah I am halfway there, Insya Allah:) So what are you waiting guys? Let's go to Aussie together :) The money won't fall on your lap, not until you take action, so let's do it now. Let's build your business with GLAM. We are the pioneer of social media network marketing.

By being a GLAMpreneur:

  • you will enjoy your first income of RM4500
  • FOC trip to Aussie (everything is fully sponsored)
  • Car fund
  • and many more!

Book your appointment now, and I'll show you how.

Be brave to chase your dreams:)
You have nothing to lose:)
See you soon~

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