My baby walks!!YAY!!


Owh, what a day! Today Zarif's babysitter is sick and I have to come to work this week to prepare bunch of exam questions for this semester. Yea, none of that happened today as I was soooo busy with my son. 

So yeah, of course I came in LATE, (my baby woke up at 745am) punched my card in at 8.30 in the morning! and then went straight to my room (luckily lecturers have our own personal room, it makes things easier if we have emergency like this, fuh) and started making breakfast for my son. He loves to eat, so he finished up the whole plate (Attaboy ) Well, then, he wanted to play. And so we played. Until I got super hungry I pretended to sleep on the mattress (yes,I brought it since I got pregnant last year lol and refused to move it :p ) 2 minutes after that, I heard my son started snoring while hugging my tudung hehe. Yes! my trick worked out well this time! I looked at the time and it's already 10 o'clock. I got class at 10 o'clock. So I rushed to the cafe downstairs and bought some food and ate them in my room.

CAN'T go to any of my class today because of the baby. And I have FULL DAY OF CLASSES today. 10am straight to 5pm. So I asked the students to come to my room group by group to discuss about their group presentations. I have to be honest, it's quite ANNOYING. cause I can't move anywhere and the students were a bit noisy. My room is never noisy. never. ever. I hate noise :( well, anywhere else,it won't be a problem, just not in my room. Today is noisy day starting from 10am-5pm. Sheesh.

Well, Zarif got up at 12 noon and he just stared at all my students that were busy coming in and out of my room. Wonder what he was thinking. We went out for late lunch around 2pm and bought chicken porridge for my son. An hour later, got back to the office and continued with the class, I mean, the group discussion. Zarif was asleep but then he was disturbed by the noise of my student. Grr.. so he couldn't sleep at all until 5pm. My poor baby.

He pooped twice, ate twice,slept once (supposedly twice) and drank milk 4 times today in my office. Not bad eh for a first timer/one year old to manage his own time in the office? hahaha.

But there's one BIG THING that happened today in the office. MY SON WALKED. i'M SOOOO HAPPY. I mean, really walks. Walking more than 20 steps in one walk. Yep, I counted. hehe. His bum is so cute when he walks hahaha. Owh I love that MOMENT. 


Just got a text from the babysitter, she is feeling better and she can take care of my son tomorrow. Yay!

So tomorrow, I can really work on those exam questions. Gotta make them really hard to answer ngehehe. Just so they can feel how I felt today :p

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