Bandung Part 1


 Been meaning to write about my trip to Indonesia recently (1st until 4th june 2013) but got so caught up with office work. So I decided to write it in several parts. So here comes part 1 (as in Day 1) hehe. We took KLM flight at 4pm on Saturday and it was a-ok flight. I sat beside my hubby in the plane and we played games. Well, he won all the time. huh! The flight was an hour and a half and we arrived at Jakarta nearly at 6pm (but it did look like it was already night) there's an hour difference in the time zone. All of us were officially tired and sleepy, so after we had our dinner, we already fell asleep in the bus on the way to hotel in Puncak, Bandung. Oh yeah, there were all 13 of us in this trip, all of them are my mum's friends along with their families. Our tour guide is very kind and soft spoken, Pak Ali :) he can speak multilanguage, so I am pretty amazed by that hehe:p So here are some pictures in our first day. You won't see any of my face in the pictures as I was so tired for it. However, enjoy lol

My lil brother slept in the van on the way to airport wakakaka sorry dude

We finally arrived phew!

Some of the menus for our dinner lol some of them were really fun to read

Our hotel room in Puncak,Bandung. No aircond but we were freezing as it is located at the top of the mountain

So that's all for now.Will write more soon:)

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