one year old checkup

Assalamualaikum :)

My son is already one year old :) Actually it was a bit late to bring him for his one year old checkup,because we were still deciding on whether to give our son the MMR vaccine or not. After much consideration and thinking based on the facts and possible bad effects on vaccines, we decided not to.

So we went to this clinic, Klinik Dr Wan Kamariah dan Famili at Setiawangsa,KL. The doctor is really nice and she respects our decision not to vaccine our child. She did ask, however, but after she heard my answers she just nodded and smile. She said "you knew, so I don't need to explain any further" my baby weigh 9.5kg and is absolutely healthy. I told the doctor I gave my son Habbatussauda (black seed oil) and he hasn't fall sick since. She said that was good, and yes people, from now on, I decided to go all homeopathy for my son and my family. 

All herbs, no drugs. 

So first we went to the clinic, and Zarif fell asleep in the clinic, and then after the checkup we went to KL Festival City to have our lunch before heading back to our home:)

After drinking some milk, he sleeps with his monkey

hungry baby

playful baby

Milk, sleep,eat and games. those 4 things will make my baby extremely happy:p

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