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Today's post is basically as a reminder for myself as why I start this business under my mentor Hanis Haizi. So I found some of very inspirational posters for myself to do this business even better than I did before :)

This one means a lot to me. I used to be the one with all the facts. Well, you know, all educators are (I hope). So I thought having all the facts in my head would make everything easier in life. It does, at certain points, like when people try to bluff you (This one is not necessarily the students) or trap you with lies as they think that you know nothing. This one I can easily get away from, so far.(hopefully till forever, Insya Allah) But then it hits me, knowing just the facts doesn't buy you the experience. It's like a theoretical physicist. I am talking about the one from The Big Bang Theory,  there's a physicist named Sheldon Cooper. (Owh I love him,but that's not the point. )The point is, he is someone who knows probably almost everything, but he doesn't have the ability to transfer those knowledge into experience (e.g how to change flat tyres) because he never does it. So let's say if he's alone when the tyres flat, he would not survive. That's pretty much me. So after I decided to start this business, then I realized this is an experience that no money can buy. We can have all the facts that we want, but we'll have full potential if we pair them with a lot of experience:) So now what I need to do is to continue to dream big, even bigger than before :)

It's true. Being in GLAM and being an entrepreneur is something that I really care about, so every minute of it is pure joy:)

 I feel like a winner already hehe don't you?

I want to see more people getting rich, as money does make the world go round these days. Make no mistakes, I am not looking down on poor people, I love everyone no matter what their socioeconomy status is. You know it's maddening when sometimes you want to do big changes but you can't because you don't have the money. What's written in the poster is really overwhelming for me. It made me realize I have changed nothing, so I need to change. To be better, and of course in the meantime, be richer.

Enough said. So please wake up and start designing your life plan, if you haven't start yet. 

Be part of GLAM. Be a glampreneur. Be one of us. 

Contact me and I'll show you how 

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