Bandung part 2


As promised, here is Bandung part 2 heheh. In day 2, we went to Pasar Baru and did some shopping (my mum shop a lot!!) and then we had Padang cooked meals for our lunch.At night, we had seafood (they were soo good) and stopped by at Ciwalk just to hang out a bit before heading back to our hotel.

it's still morning,so the road is still clear

It's my mother(from right) and her friend

I was told that this is the signal that someone is getting married on that day.nice:)

ponies on the road? along with other vehicles? my brain can't process this. haha

cute umbrellas :)

on the way to Pasar Baru. heavy traffic. MADDENING!!

These are what basically my mother bought--lots of kurungs 

my hubby's tired face

the restaurant for our lunch

Padang style meals


place for dinner

yummeh seafood

there's  no holding back.that's my hungry face..(my eyes even tried to check out my mum's hand--was she trying to take my food? lol)

Done eating. now it's time for posing with my brother hehe

and with my mum too

in front of factory outlet

at Ciwalk

our supper lol

he is wearing new hat,new watch that mum bought just now hahaha (batak weh batak haha)

my love:)

my happy face lol

So that's all for day 3 will be more exciting tadaa..bye :p

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