Biozone food purifier discount

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

We meet again. ahaha. Sorry, stupid joke. Been updating new post almost everyday for this month, and today I want to share good news to all of you. I am having PUASA SALES!!hehehe for the Biozone Food purifier product, that is. As you all know, the price is RM1750. So for this becoming Ramadhan, a special month requires a special discount, right? So here are some T&C for you to get discounted price for the product. 

1. You'll only have to pay RM1650 for 5month installment :) So you have to pay only RM330 from this June 2013 until October 2013:) It means you'll get RM100 DISCOUNT.

2. You'll only have to pay RM1550 for cash :) It means you'll get RM200 DISCOUNT.

3. You'll only have to pay RM1500 for cash, this one is only limited from today until the first week of July 2013 :) It means you'll get RM250 DISCOUNT.

Here are some of the benefits of using this product (in case you haven't heard):

  • Remove toxins from our food (those ugly fat diluted toxins that cause harmful disease to our body)
  • Preserve the nutrients in our food (so it'll last longer)
  • Removes odour
  • Consistent ozone output and environmentally friendly
  • Sanitizes baby bottles (or just any bottles)
  • Sanitizes kitchen utensils
  • Kills bacteria and molds from fridges
  • Clean bath tubs
  • The purified water is good to treat skin diseases (pimples,anyone?)
  • Portable, convenient and user friendly

So, why wait? Get your Biozone Food Purifier now, before stocks last. Stocks are limited, so first come first serve. Contact me for more details, and I'll send to you. Free demonstration is also available. 
What you have to do is just ask :) 

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