Bandung Part 3


So this one is a continuation from the other part (of course huhu) For day 3, we went to Tangkuban Parahu and had a pony ride, which was really scary. There's an interesting story bout this place, but I forgot,so u can google it yourself if u wish to know.Before that, we stopped by at Kartika Sari, a place that sells a lot of delicious brownies ( we bought a box of them hehe) and they are really cheap. Nothing is better than cheap delightfully delicious brownies. We also went to Rumah mode, a shopping haven for branded clothes. In the late afternoon, we stopped by at Toko Tiga, they sell branded jeans, but I'm not really interested to buy much because I don't think it's cheap. For me, Rumah mode is cheaper lol and their clothes are better trololol later that night,we headed to Jakarta and had our dinner at Selera Jumbo haha. Delicious seafood. Just before we went to our hotel, we stopped by to see a tower, dammit I forgot the name, I'll show you the pictures here.

See the box?hehe


Tangkuban Parahu

My brother with a pony

It's me riding a pony

pot pet pot pet...snap.I look retarded lol

Rumah Mode made me crazy haha

Toko TIga

Dinner place, looks like a stage lol

This is the tower, sorry the quality of the picture is bad. I guess the camera was sleepy too that night.

There will be one more final part of my trip to Indonesia.Will write soon.bye now.

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