Ramadhan is coming!


In less than a month, we will be fasting in Ramadhan. Have you prepare yourself for that month? There are lots of things to prepare, we have to prepare mentally, spiritually, physically and also prepare our money. I won't touch about the first three aspects, as I know everyone is capable to do them. But how about the last part? the money part?

Every week in Ramadhan, for most people in Malaysia, (of those I know) we would normally go back to our parents' house, not forgetting our in laws, to break fast together on weekends. For average people (whose salary are RM2000-RM3000 per month) how would you feel spending your money for those weekends.Especially if your parents' house are so far away from your house. Some of you may not even have enough money left in the third weeks of Ramadhan. 

So I have a solution, instead of you taking loans just to spend them on Ramadhan and Syawal, and having bad migraine because you don't know how to pay it back,why don't you make EXTRA MONEY, at least RM4000-RM5000 for this Ramadhan? Don't wait till you have nothing left in your bank, just do it now and you can double your income for Syawal :) (RM10k, anyone?) Now that's what we call Raya.

Contact me now and I'll show you how.

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