Last month I got the chance to attend our company's one of the most privileged event: DIAMOND NIGHT.It is held only once a year. and I considered it as a night of recognition of our hardwork, efforts, and also my date night with my husband hahaha..I was there to celebrate my business partner Elya Roza because she was supposed to get on stage and received an award, but sadly she was sick. So I went there with my business partners, Anis and her husband :) The rest couldn't come because most of them were sick on that day. Poor them. The food was delicious, the table was in front hehehe.. and the view was amazing. Yup, we took several photos. Enjoy the pics.

sempat selfie before balik haha

the front row

enchanting stage

thank you hafiz for snapping our pic:)

husband and wife :p

with my precious mentor Hanis Haizi

Next year I will be on stage too. Probably u can too. Wanna know how? PM me 017-6276532

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