My Love

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Its been a while since I talked abuot my dearest son.
He is already two years old and 15 days, as we speak.
Oh, how time flies.

From slow walks, now he runs and jumps around.
From cute babbles, now he is able to speak and count.
He even knows how to ask and reject things if it doesn't interest him.
He knows how to mimic sounds from his parents hahaha.
And we can see his personalities that grow every single day.
I am a proud mother.

He is more like me, in most ways.
Which is quite hard for me hahahaa
u know, how can I fight with myself?
We both wanna win.
But I think its quite funny dealing with another me in a house.
Its a male version of me.
Quite a diva, I might say hahaha.

When I told my husband that he must be very tired dealing with two creatures that have the exact personalities, his answer amazed me.
He feels lucky as now he has another piece of me :p
hehehe..Love u so much.

Here are some photos of our son, if u wanna see more u can follow my instagram @nolyannakurnain

now he even knows alif ba ta yeayyy!!

do u see how bossy he can be? grrr

he is soo vain, this one he follows his dad's vanity ok haha

he is so grown up now

ahahaha dont drink and drive

with dad, eating nonstop :p

Write again, soon.

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