The curve I want, I have it now.


Just wanna quick update on my body transformation after a month wearing PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL CORSET. I have lost unwanted layers of unnecessary body fat (post pregnancy) and I can fit in my old dresses. IT was such a joy. Been struggling as I gained so much weight and sizes (lol) after nearly two years -after my son was born on 1st May 2012 until last Dec 2013, this is such a relief. Thank God I have found this beautiful lingerie that can actually help to get me the ideal body shape that I want for so long. So here is the picture that shows the difference before and after I wore the corset. I don't have much of full lenght picture facing forward ALONE because I hate the size of my body, so this is the best I can get huhu.

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Linda said...

Salam Jumaat :)

noly anna said...

salam isnin:) hehe