Robocop 2014


Yesterday was my date night. Sort of. First my husband and I decided to watch the Lego Movie, but when we got there, we were already late for the movie, so we changed to Robocop instead. Should be fun, thinking of Robots and machines and guns. Well, not so fun when the first minute of the movie showed a misunderstanding of what Islam really is. This movie promotes Islamophobic, and I am against it. The person who made this movie clearly has a shallow mind and did not do justice to all muslim all around the world. The Robocop thingy was fine, but the ideas of putting machines in muslim countries to promote peace is not right at all. Muslims were never the ones who pulled the trigger. 

Alright, apart from that, let's see what the movie is about. It is about a good American cop who is critically injured and therefore is built and turned to - a Robocop. The problem is when the multinational conglomerate OmniCorp tries to duplicate this man-machine technology and run an army to control America; using dead body and tried to kill the original Robocop. The only logical thing that happened in the movie was most of the Americans are still thinking that machines can never bring peace to any part of the world, so bravo to that. It seems that only guns can do the work when you can't get cooperation from the other party. That's a shame. When young kids watched this movie, they'll be thinking like the bad guys (less talk, more gunshot) as if u need to make people scared of u, instead of respecting you. And you expect to lower the bullying crime in school? Good luck with that. I will never allow my kid to watch this movie. 

this so called machine that will keep us safe and in peace. seriously I don't feel safe at all looking at this

the RoboCop


filia mycandythemes said...

dear Noly Ana, nice point of view :) we need more peace movie like life of pi or enders game, not insulting other religion

noly anna said...

thank u :)