LEGO movie


Yesterday I watched LEGO movie. It was FREAKING AWESOME !!!! I love this kind of movie, a plain hero, strong heroine, a Batman (who doesn't love Batman? Duh!!) a funny villain, a bunch of powerful big names as sidekicks (Superman, Wonder woman, Dumbledore, Green Lantern, Abraham Lincoln, Han Solo etc ) This is worth your time. Please watch it, please please please. And please bring along your kids, the message in this movie is excellent and it has positive vibes throughout the movie. I LOVE IT. ok sawan sorang sorang hahaha.

So what's the deal? Its about Emmett, a normal ordinary LEGO minifigure, who was mistakenly assumed as a Masterbuilder, was recruited to join a quest to stop President Business from gluing all the LEGO components using the Kragle. Kragle ni macam gam UHU la. haha. Emmett entered a world full of surprise and other dimensions that he could never think of, the cowboys era, the happy kitty unicorn world, the pirates, etc. Seriously, I'm still laughing right now. It is that good. Oh and the Batman, he is sooooo funny. Brave, handsome and funny. hahaha. Even the LEGO Batman minifigure looks so cool, even cooler than the rest minifigures hahaha yea yeahh a bit biased here, coz I am in love with Batman hehehe :p u can watch it to find out the rest of the story heheehh..

I give this movie 5 stars!!! highly recommended for everyone.

some of the lovable characters

please let there be sequels huhu

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