COFFEE does make you SMARTER


It's time to clap our hands, hard. hehe. Coffee can make us smarter? (and, clearly, you want to choose our MINERAL COFFEE, then you know you really are smart) because MINERAL COFFEE makes you not just SMARTER, but also HEALTHIER! These two precious things that everyone wants are now available in store :) They come in a handy green box that says MINERAL COFFEE

Well, I have been talking and explaining to all of you what this coffee is, and how they are made of, and also the benefits to our health, and did I mention the taste? Owh, they taste super good! Just yesterday one of my medic students came to my room and they asked for mineral coffee, saying that their headaches were completely gone right after drinking mineral coffee, and because the coffee taste so good, they fell in love after a few sips! Students and migraines are like salt and pepper, so rather than taking unhealthy painkiller every time you get sick, why not keeping your body healthy by taking mineral coffee every morning? Look who's smart now? hahaha. ok. 

Trust me, it would be a great loss if you would not be able to try this mineral coffee once in your lifetime, yep, it's THAT good. You are also welcomed to be a mineral coffee distributor because the demand of this coffee is really high, especially for people that go to work everyday. Say, that would be, like having....yes, millions of customers! And if you add on the students all around Malaysia, damn, pretty much every house in this country is mineral coffee customer. All of my customers have never stopped repeating their order, first, one box, then, two boxes, then, 5 boxes, and next thing you know, they beg me to be a distributor because it is so much easier to have large stock in hand when your customer asks for it everyday. Your family, your colleagues, office mates,room mates, your students, your neighbors, your friends, relatives, they all crave for MINERAL COFFEE. Go have one now.

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this is my usual intake every morning

some of the benefits of drinking mineral coffee

main ingredient for mineral coffee : bamboo salt


Nur A.Z said...

saya tak boleh minum coffee..

noly anna said...

yeke..kenapa xboleh?kopi ni lain dari yg lain tau,sebab tu dipanggil kopi kesihatan.noly pun dulu xboleh minum kopi,xsuka..tapi skrg hari2 mesti nak minum mineral kopi ni..byk sgt benefit kopi ni utk tubuh badan kita:) belum cuba belum tahu:)