Oxygen Facial Therapy

AssalamualaikumToday I wanna talk about the importance of oxygen in the beauty department.Up to half the oxygen content in our skin can be lost by the age of 25. As we age, our skin becomes less efficient at renewing itself, resulting in slower cellular metabolism, the reduction of collagen and elastin, and the appearance of fine lines and discoloration. The external effects of sun exposure, air pollution, diet, and day-to-day stress can make skin look dull and dry. When skin is deprived of oxygen, it shows.

With the increase in popularity of high-definition television, more and more celebrities are worrying about just how smooth their skin will appear on your TV screen. Because of this, many well-known personalities -- most notably Madonna -- have turned to oxygen facials, designed to plump and smooth the face immediately with no telltale red splotches left behind. People who use oxygen facials say the process helps makeup application because it gives the skin a smooth and moisturized surface. Many doctors say that the oxygen facial's effectiveness has not yet been proven because of a lack of clinical study. But those who offer the treatments say the facials can force oxygen and moisturizers into the skin for a temporary improvement. And the celebrities who swear by the treatment say it makes their faces flawless, even in a high-definition world.

The facial is said to benefit people interested in fighting signs of aging skin, but it's also believed to provide relief for those who suffer from acne or the skin disorder rosacea. It seems like oxygen facials have their fair number of supporters and detractors. As with many treatments it could take more research to know for sure either way.

Ok, so for us,do we really need an oxygen facial? It costs hundreds of dollars and not all of us can do it as much as we want, right (because of the price)? So is there another solution? Yes. You can do your own facial using ozone water from the Biozone product. Its easy, put amount of water into a glass/ceramic bowl, then turn on the Biozone machine for 3 minutes, then you can wash or even dunk in your face into the water. You can even use the water everytime you take your shower, so your whole body can benefit from it:) So basically you can have your skin therapy every single day~ Isn't it awesome?

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Allowing our skin to breathe and come into contact with oxygen in the air is crucial to its health and vitality. Keep your skin clean and your skin care/makeup products lightweight. Let your skin breathe, be healthy, and be naturally beautiful!

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