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Assalamualaikum w.b.t

How are you? Hope everyone is good. Since I became a glampreneur and start doing business under GLAM ( green leaders academy malaysia) I realized how our business has become huge and successful. It is because we use social media and do our business online! It is so easy, even a makcik like I can do it, so why not you? Well, here are some benefits of doing online business with GLAM:

Internet has created a new economy, which by its explosive growth and sheer size already changed our perception of traditional way of doing business. Companies like Amazon and Ebay have successfully created domination on areas, where just few years ago traditional brick-and-mortar companies were kings. However, in order to be successful on the net, you don’t have to be a giant like them. Take GLAM for example, just within a year, we have achieved so much and we even go global! yay! 

In order to make a sale you need visitors to come to your shop. On the Internet, your shop could be only a click away from your prospective customers. With GLAM, our proper marketing and Internet storefront definitely have more buyers than you ever can get in a brick and mortar shop:) The whole world is reading my blog hehe, including you :p

Whether you sell products or services online or not, in today’s world you have to have a corporate presence on the Internet, just like GLAM.Otherwise, as you must have noticed that people simply don’t take your business seriously if you tell them that your company does not have a website. GLAM's nice corporate site definitely increases the image of our company especially because it has great products to go with( Premium Beautiful, Biozone Food Purifier, Mineral Coffee, BBPlus Collagen Drink, Sleepmate..just to name a few)

Just a couple of years ago, companies used to require days to deliver products or services update information to their customers. Things have changed since then. Today in GLAM, you can add or make any changes to your company and product related content virtually in a matter of couple of hours, publish on your site and share with the whole world (I am doing it now hehe)

New technologies allow us to take virtually any part of our business online, that include supply chain management, billing, shipping, procurement etc. Streamlining these business processes through online systems allow our company to cut costs significantly in almost every sphere of any business. Just imagine, if you want to open a small kiosk, you must have at least 150k in hands! By doing business under GLAM, those ridiculous big amount of money is not needed (phew!) because we only use blogs and FB and Instagram to do business.

How else you can continue making sales, while your stuffs are sleeping! The biggest advantages of online shops are that they are open 24 hours a day year round. My daily routine is definitely doing business in front of my laptop everytime I have free time, after shower, in a car (while I am not driving), in office,lunch time,tea time,after playtime with my son, and before going to bed! And it doesn't matter when its a weekday or weekend,everyday is business day~

Thanks to Internet I can instantly become a global player. In fact, I don’t have to invest large sums of money to do this. There are literally hundreds of vertical and horizontal e-marketplaces available on the net.The right determinant of e-business success is the same like any off line business. You have to have a great idea, you have to have a business plan, there should be a value proposition for prospective clients and you should have belief in it and your ability! GLAM has it all:)

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