Cloth Diapers

Assalamualaikum :)

How are you? Today I wanna talk about the importance of going green. Its a way to help preserve our nature, and using cloth diapers in our life makes a big difference, and it helps to lessen the amount of trash of the disposable diapers.

You may think, eh, its just diapers. Of course it is, and I know most of the diapers sell in our country are cheap. Way cheaper than the cloth diapers. But imagine this, for one baby, how many diapers does she need? Lets just say for two years, and everyday since she was born, she should need at least 6 diapers. So 6 diapers per day, and 42 diapers per week. So 168-170 diapers per month. That is just for one month old baby. Lets continue counting until the baby is 2 years old. The total of diapers used is 4032. That is only for one baby, sir, one baby. What if you have 5 kids in your house? Have you counted your neighbors'? Oh my, the number of diapers thrown away daily could reach 1million. So yeah, using cloth diapers definitely help our world to become greener ( because its not so green anymore ) and it also save your money. Ka-ching!

Well, there are wide range of cloth diapers that you can choose in the market. The price is ranging from RM15 per piece to RM90 per piece. Its up to you, mine is RM27 per piece. I bought 30 pcs, so the total of my baby cloth diapers is RM810. Each piece comes with two inserts, so we have 60 inserts altogether.The inserts are micro fleece, and they are so soft to my baby's bums lol. I've been using cloth diapers since my baby is 6 months old, until now. So I have been using them for 8months. No rashes, nothing bad happens so far, and my baby is happy using it:) Of course, you have to change the cloth diapers every 3 hours to make sure its not leaking or making your baby uncomfortable when it gets too wet, but hey, no biggie, as I can just wash it and use it again and again and again and againnnnnn hahaha.. You can't do the same with disposable diapers, eh? 

Some of you might think that the price of my cloth diapers is expensive, blowing away RM810 in one purchase of diapers. But the RM810 is not going anywhere. It is still in my house, being used everyday, and also can be used by my other child in the future:) If I continue using disposable diapers until now, the amount of my money burnt is..umm..lets see..we used Mamypoko before, the price for jumbo pack is around RM55, so RM55 x 4 is equal to RM220. RM220 for one month only. Now my son is 14months old, so RM220 x 14 =RM3080. Say whattt??? hehe, I am not against mothers who use disposable diapers, they have their own reasons, and I respect that. My hubby and I also had troubles deciding on using the cloth diapers before, as the work would definitely increased. Well, now we both manage to take care of the problems and washing and cleaning the diapers has been part of our life since. 

For those who are wondering how to use cloth diapers, here are the instructions:

Before using cloth diapers:

  • Wash it at least 3 times before you use it. This is to let the fabric pores in your inserts open and obtain maximum absorbency. Most of the cloth diapers are similar, you can always ask the seller for instruction:)
Cleaning cloth diapers:
  • Knock solids into the toilet and shake or rinse off any residue
  • Remove the washable insert and store both diaper and insert in a pail of water ( I soak them with detergent for half and hour before I wash them in the washing machine )
  • Do not use fabric softener as this will clog the pores of the fleece and make it less absorbent
  • Do not use bleach as this will damage the lamination of the diaper
  • Tumble dry on low or hang to dry
Stripping cloth diapers:
Sometimes after a few uses diapers will develop a build-up and need to be stripped. I recommend to strip them once a month. So here's how:)
  • Run a regular wash ( we have to begin the stripping process with clean diapers)
  • Next wash your cloth diapers through a hot wash cycle
  • Then follow with an extra rinse
  • Send the diapers through 3 to 4 rinse cycles or until you are sure there are no more suds. If you spot any, run another cycle to rinse.
  • Dry in the sunshine. Air drying out in the shine will kill the bacteria and germs naturally.
Most of my friends who uses cloth diapers are also working mothers; they are busy as hell but still manage to wash their baby's diapers. Its not really that hard ok. Don't start imagining us beating the diapers with rock near the river like the old age lol! Use the freaking washing machine! And yes, the hubby can also help once in a while~That's what I call fabulous modern parents:)

Those are parts of my cloth diapers collection. There's more in the washing machine hehe

My happy baby

My wet diaper bag 1

My wet diaper bag 2 heheh

Will start to potty train Zarif after 'Idul Fitr.  Hopefully he cooperates well. Wish us luck hehe.


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Thanks to discuss about the description of cloth diapers! This blog is helpful for mothers who want chemical free products for their babies. Honest diapers are also the mother's choice.

noly anna said...

Aww thank you so much:)