Mind your own business

Okay.I have something to address.Reminder to myself.Warning to you-know-who-you-are.

"Mind your own business" is a common English saying which asks for a respect of other people's privacy. It can mean that a person should stop meddling in what does not concern that person, attend personal affairs of others instead of your own, etc. Its initialism is MYOB (wikipedia)

I always remind myself to mind my own business. There are 5 tips for minding my own business (taken from The Happiness Project):

  1. NO ONE ASKED FOR MY ADVICE. Except when they do, then that's a different story.
  2. I DON'T KNOW THE WHOLE STORY. This is when the judgment comes in. I must stop judging when I don't know what is really happening. 
  3. IT DOESN'T AFFECT ME. So why bother, right?
  4. DON'T GOSSIP.It is not healthy, and it makes enemy.
  5. I'M ON SOMEONE ELSE'S TURF. Again, why bother? Its not my turf.

So please. Do the same to me. Or else, buh-bye.
I don't have the energy to entertain these kind of people anymore.
Thank you.


hafiz hafizol said...

Hahahha..... ayat nie kalau org kena mmg sentap laaaa :P

noly anna said...

mmg tujuan post yg ni utk sentap org yg patot disentap haha