Mini getaway with my lovelies.

Have been meaning to write about this but just got the pictures load up today hahaha ( talk about slow internet and procrastinating = my life ) lol. So last month my hubby and I managed to squeeze in a couple days away for our lil family to just relax and have some "OMG WE HAVE TWO SONS NOW" moment hahaha. Booked a night at Bayou Lagoon Resort in Malacca. It was fun. My son said " we should do this every month!!!" Yeah, right. banyak cantik. 

when we first got there, budak2 ni terus landing atas katil hahaha

the kitchenette was simple, just what I need. small fridge, coffee, and sink hahaha (no kitchen please)

Actually the room is big, tapi malas nk snap satu bilik, anak je dah kiri kanan ahaha asal boleh lah snap ni

Ada jacuzzi, ini sangat penting hahaha

my happy boys

 muka tak sabar nak pegi mandi pool hahaha

 mine lol

 hubby's food

Adam's food haha

 our morning faces hahaha

 heyyy yaaa hahaha

 someone is happy hahaha

time to go home

dah dalam kereta anak2 dah tidur kepenatan barulah boleh pakai tudung tak senget dan selfie bahahaha I sound so sad

Singgah publika beli cupcakes and books hahaha our favorites

Till our next getaway, bye.

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