Afternoon everyone :)

How is everyone doing? Mine is good, so far. Hopefully stays good for the rest of the week insyaAllah. I have been receiving tonnes of messages and emails regarding my previous post, bout BV Alfalfa and the responds were extraordinary! I am glad I can share such healthy product to you. Today I am sharing about another well-known product, the GARLIC TABLET. Made from 100% raw garlic, this beauty brings out the beauty in you. 

A bottle can last up for a month, yet you can feel the difference right after you take your first tablet. With this garlic tablet, you can get all the beauty goodness as you can;as similar as the raw garlic, minus the smell. How good is that? 
Only rm38/bottle for this month. 
Grab early as the price will rise starting March 2016. PM me 017-6276532 ( NOLY )

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