my newest diamond.


Dah lama sangat tak menaip kat blog ni. dah 3 bulan lebih. Due to, u know, heaviness while being so pregnant a while ago. Salahkan perut. hahhahaha. 

The point is, I gave birth to a new baby boy! It was painful as hell and I swear I can still feel the pain (til today) ---> (crying face over here). Totally different from the previous labor, which was not that painful. All in all, I am extremely grateful as my baby is super healthy. And he is big. Keluar je dah berat 3.7kg hahahaha no wonder I felt heavy for those 9months. Seriously I couldn't even get up once I lay down. So ended up laid down and slept most of the time. 

We named our baby Adam Sayf. And frankly I did not realized at first that it rhymes with the baby daddy. hahahaha.


Yup. What a coincidence. 
And he came out on the same date as my husband's birth date.
Its kinda fair because my other son has the same birth date as mine, which is the 1st. Hehehehe.
Boleh pulak kan.And baby Adam lahir sehari selepas my wedding anniversary. Tak setel meneran lagi 25hb tu hahahaha.

Berpantang pun dah habis, so back to business blogposts after this.
Here are few pictures of my newest diamond, my second son.

keluar je dah besar gini. hahaha

lepas aqiqah and bercukur hehehe he has the sweetest smile

newest picture of him. so fluffy hahaha

And mummy is sooo happy sebab dah kurus bahahahaha

Bye haha.

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