Let's go to VIENNA for FREE!!!


Hi. The company has announced our new package for free trip this time; its VIENNA AND BUDAPEST!!!! Have you ever been there? I haven't, but insyaAllah I will go there next year with the other Glampreneur. You are sooooo welcomed to join us, no worries :) So I got excited reading many articles of the things that we should do in VIENNA. Here are the top 10 :)

1. Sch├Ânbrunn Palace : It is the most visited tourist attraction in Vienna as well as one of the most important cultural monuments in Austria. The whole palace complex includes the imperial palace, the park with fountains, statues, and architectural features and zoo! This place is also one of the UNESCO WORLD CULTURAL HERITAGE since 1996.

2. Vienna´s Prater with Giant Ferris Wheel : It has lots of attractions; GIANT FERRIS WHEEL, landmark of Prater and Vienna, Merry go rounds, go-carts rinks, ghost trains, arcades, fairy tale railways, etc. It is a modern adventure world with 250 different attractions!!

3. St. Stephens´s Cathedral : It stands on the ruins of two earlier churches and was completed in the year of 1160. Its current Romanesque and Gothic form was initiated later by Rudolf IV. As the most important religious building in Vienna and the seat of the Archbishop, the cathedral become one of the city's symbols and the place for important events in the nation's history.

4. Belvedere palace : This is a baroque palace complex with beautiful statues, gardens and fountains built in 1714-1723 by Prince Eugene of Savoy as his own summer residence. Since 1903 The Austrian Gallery Museum with world largest Klimt collection resides here.

5. Butterfly house : The tropical butterfly house is located in the centre of the city just 200 metres from the opera building. In natural rain forest environment you can see and be amazed by hundreds of live, free-flying of tropical butterflies.

6. Albertina museum & gallery : It houses one of the largest graphic art collections in the world with 44000 drawings and 1 million old masterprints ( LEONARDO DA VINCI, MICHALANGELO, RAFFAEL, RUBENS, REMBRANDT, etc) and modern graphic works.

7. Museum of Technology : It offers extraordinary insights into the world of technology in a space of 22000 square meters.

8. The Vienna State Opera Museum : For many, it is the greatest opera house in the world, 300 evenings a year, it offers excellent productions with a program that changes daily.

9. Golden Quarter : The new luxury shopping area in Vienna's Old City offers exclusive flagship stores of Louis Vuitton, Emporio Armani, Miu Miu, Roberto Cavalli, Prada, Saint Lauren, etc.

10. Danube Bike Path : This is one of the most beautiful cycling tracks in europe. A rider at this place would see nature reserves, famous towns and monasteries, as well as artistic and architectural buildings. 

There are basically 100 things that fascinates me in Vienna, but I think this 10 things is enough excitement already :p I would jump off the roof if I get to do all these things in Vienna soon!!! haha, kidding. But I totally would jump off my feet :p

Join me to go to Vienna. PM me for your free tickets 017-6276532 :)

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