Reward from my beloved Team leader

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Our Shanghai Free Trip Package has already came to an end last month. I qualified. Weehoo hahaha. My business partner ( team leader ) gave me a reward for achieving our group target in the first half of the year. Double weehoo hahhaahaha. Love you to the moon and back. this is another huge part as why I decided to join the team in this business; the TEAMWORK and the NONSTOP REWARDS :p Who doesn't love rewards? They must be lying lol. 

We were having our own sweet Ogroup time hehe

Thank you so much for the Fossil watch and the gorgeous shawl. Love it! Love u too Elya!!

Now we are preparing for our Europe Free trip Package. Whoever wants to join in just text me. Its going to be the sweetest journey of your life.