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JTX Airtracker save fuel, preserve the environment

PUTRAJAYA 17 May - Hiking petrol price causing a very high demand for fuel saver device for vehicle on the market.

This is because engine that use petrol efficiently are able to save money on every refueling.

JTX Airtracker are the latest fuel saver product on the market that function to make the engine to perform complete combustion process, thus saving fuel and reducing emissions of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide that are harmful to the environment.

Interestingly, compared to other fuel saver products using oil or magnets, JTX Airtracker invention whom owned by local company, Hai-O Enterprise is a sticker that is attached on the air filter of the vehicles.

Product consultant, Dr. Muhammad Saleh Kamaruddin said, the sticker will change the air molecules to become a very fine molecules in order to optimize the process ofgasoline combustion in engine vehicles.

"Therefore, the deposition of carbon in the engine and emission of carbon monoxide from the exhaust can be reduced, thus increasing the life of the vehicle.

"Based on the test made, JTX Airtracker give fuel savings up to 30 percent and reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 87 per cent after 150 minutes of use. Exhaust will be less hot and were held due to the emission of hydrocarbons produced by the device, " he told reporters here today.

According to Muhammad Saleh, a vehicle with an engine capacity of 1,600 cc need to use three pieces of JTX Airtracker, below 3,000 cc (six pieces) and above 3,000 cc (nine pieces).

"This adhesive has a shelf life of two years once installed. Although the price of a set JTX Airtracker with three pieces of masking is RM296, users will get fuel economy of up to RM4, 380 in that period.

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