Now let's continue with what happened with us in our Brunei business trip. Our Sunday was filled with business sharings till night. Met several Bruneians and all of them were so lovely. We were so lucky to have met those people and alhamdulillah, they were eager to start their venture with us and be a part of Glampreneur :) They used the products and fell in love with our best selling MINERAL COFFEE, MARINE ESSENCE and BIO VELOCITY SLEEPMATE. Told ya! For those who haven't tried the products yet, please do so asap. You won't regret it.

Us in the morning, ready to go.

First stop, we stopped by at Sekolah Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah to watch the charity event. I even bought something in the event :) It is a humongous school, very grand and I was told that the school is funded by the Sultan himself and its where the royals study. Duh, even the name of the school mentioned it hahaha :P There are also ATM machines in the school. Gasp. 

Selfie with the sultan :p

After the school, we went to eat seafood. Really nice seafood in the Mangrove Paradise Resort. Yummeh!! Sorry the picture of the food is in my handphone, and I can't look at it, or I'll go bananas. lapar kot. hahaha:p

After that, we went to Kampung Ayer ( The water village ) and met our clients there. after that, we had some fun and get into a boat (BND 5 each) and watch the sunset from Kampung Ayer. Beautiful.

After maghrib prayer, we went to another place for another business preview before we head home and called it a day :)

Bio Velocity Sleepmate has reached Brunei! How about you? Buy it now and get RM1400 discount, T & C applied :)

Will tell you more on Part 3, soon :)

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