Annual Grand Dinner (Language Club)


Last week I went to our annual grand dinner to celebrate our department; the language department it is, along with the language club students. The theme was black and gold, and as usual, I was wearing a different color. Bajet macam break the rules lah kan, tapi sebabnya I malu lah pakai gold ni, rasa mcm pokok krismas pulak ahaha. My husband pulak memang nak muntah almost everyday I wear black, so malam tu terpaksa lah lari tema sikit. I brought my husband and my son along to accompany me. It was basically like a date night for us, too, as I have forgotten how long that I have not wore makeup and put on a nice dress and had a proper dinner with my hubby, so I was glad. 

The dinner started a bit late, around 10pm and ended at midnight. We had a 3 course meal, the entree was chicken soup, the main course was a nice chicken chop, and the dessert was a really delicious peach cheesecake. There were already a tower of cupcakes with different flavor on our table, so we munched on that too.hehe.. More food in our goodie bag, we got a dozen of cupcakes each. Amboi..someone really  knew that we love eating that much hahaha..

There were photo sessions..I took some photos.. but I forgot to take the picture of the food (my bad) as I was handling my son hahaha can't do both. But here are some photos that we snapped. Oh yes, most of them had me in it, cos it was using my phone. Duh! hahaahaha.

with the boys.tapi x semua siapa yg nak enterframe je ahhaaha tp sori la ade yg xcukup masuk frame, nmpk kaki je ahahaha

all of us. the female lecturers of english and arabic. semua sopan tak?kihkihkih

Dgn kak anis, penasihat Language Club (also my bff)

with my officemate,roommate,makan mate, jimba mate,hahaha all in all, my bff ,hajar hehe (she is heavily pregnant, that's why I nampak kurussss hahaha)

mesti lah nak snap dgn my hubby and my son kannn hahaha official family photo for this year :p

ini alkisah selfie selepas majlis hahaha

sayaaaannggggg abang hahaha lama gila xde gmbr berduaaaaaaaaa duaan sejak dah beranak
(kalau korang rasa aku gedik, maaf lah yeeeee hahaha)

oklah, haha. ada rasa nak muntah tak?
hahahaha sila minum Mineral coffee :p

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