Teaching OKUMP students

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I have been assigned to teach an OKUMP class for this semester (sept - feb 2013). I used to teach another OKUMP class before this, and the experience was wonderful. They may not see you, but they are very passionate to learn and somehow it translates through their body language and their words. 

One thing when you are giving lectures to these students, definitely you need to talk and explain more, so that they can visualize everything that you said in their mind. There is no need for sketches or any graphic visualization, (because they are blind) and if you want to provide some notes or text for reading session, you have to braille it first. Sounds like a lot of work, but its worth it :) When we teach these OKU students, it definitely makes me realize that how lucky most of us are, be able to see the world, be able to see our parents' faces (some of them were blind since they were born and they have never seen their parents' faces) and it really kills my heart knowing that someday when they have kids, they won't be able to see their faces too..

For those who thinks that OKUMP person is different, we all are. Please do not treat them as they have some kind of disease or even saying silly things to them. They have feelings too, and some of them (like my students) are huffaz and they memorize the Quran. Respect them like how you want to be respected. Do not be mean to them, or to anybody, for that matter.

proud of my students.

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