Calling all GLAM junior (YES, YOU!)


Calling all students and non-students (hehe). We are now open for hiring! For those out there who are searching for part time job, looking for online business, always use instagram, facebook and blogs (especially students) because I know students have a lot of free time hahaha and they love shopping HAHAHAHAHA (ok bab shopping tu mak students pun sama je kan,so both of u are welcome to join us). No experience needed:)

interested: contact me 017-6276532 (noly)

the trends nowadays. online shopping. that's why we do business online:)

now students can earn your own money with GLAM. don't wait to get your first bonus next month!!


Nadia Evan said...

Akak!! Nak. Hehhe. Mana tahu boleh saya uruskan dari ni. Email sy tau kak. Nanti Sy bg cntact num. sini open. Hehhe :)

noly anna said...

hehehe ok2 tlg bagi email