The Wolverine


Recently I watched this movie in gsc one utama. Simply because I'm bored and all of the other movies just seem..blahh..hahaha.So I picked The Wolverine, at least I can feast my eyes on someone that is strong and good looking heheh.

Mind you, if you haven't watched the previous wolverine movies (such as Xmen 1 and 2--if I'm not mistaken) you would get lost because his former dead girlfriend (jean grey) keeps popping up in her nighties every night in his dream, begging him to die and be with her in heaven (kunun lah tu), and somehow her wish will never come true because wolverine is eternal (because of his magnificent healing power) so nothing can kill him and he kinda stops aging (thank god his age stops at the appropriate age haha)

Then there's also new characters, mostly japanese, so the movie takes place in Japan. There's ninjas (but these ninjas are not quite the ninjas I always have in mind, so..bad pointers for them) thers is also a new villain, Dr. Green (the viper) which is so tall and icky (i hate snake..and this one is sooooo not sexy, like mystique or jean grey,and that also add some bad pointers to the movie). 

There are also two japanese ladies, Mariko (the girl wolverine slept with in the movie) and Yukio (my fave character). Mariko is the grand daughter of the Yasada clan (Yasada ke Yasida ke aku dah lupe) and everyone wants to kill her, as her grandfather gives all his heritage and money only to her. (even Mariko's father wanted to kill her because he got nothing out of the old man). As for Yukio, she is kinda a mutant, she can foresee a death right before it happens. Talk about six sense. creepy heheh. But she is super fancy with her badass attitute and her super short bangs and red fiery hair that screams( ade aku kisahhh?? I can cut my hair and wear my clothes however I want) hehe..that's why I love her,  and yeah,she is very good with swords. Mariko's grandfather adopted Yukio when he found her so these two girls become best friends and sisters since.

As for the wolverine, he still kick ass and swears haha (dia panggil ninja tu muka jambuuu) but I would respect him more if he didn't sleep with the leading lady (that is just sooo typical) and then not being with her. haish. In the last scene, he told jean grey that he will always love her forever (but he slept with another woman in between) ish ish ish. Yea, probably because jean grey is dead. oh well, I can only give this movie 3 stars. Not a crappy movie, but not an impressive one, if I may say. Go watch it if you have nothing to do, but don't expect it would make your jaw dropped, because it won't.

This is Yukio in real life. stunning~

this is Yukio in the movie. nice.

the wolverine.badan ketakketak,lama2 tgk mcm muka beruang pun ada

Yukio again. minat kan, so kena lah letak gmbr dia lebeh sikitt haha

the villain. ini tengah salin kulit ni.geli.

This is Mariko. the leading lady yg semua dok terkejar2 sgt tu.

ok I think that's all. just watch the dvd la ok hahaha


Noor Aini said...

gelinya yg tgh salin kult tu n wolverine lak tgk bdn lg lah geli..berketul2..

noly anna said...

hehe x best ah citer ni.baik tgk the smurf hahaha