Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Let's stop and ponder for a while. How do we go through our days? Have we gone through our previous days with a lot of positiveness? Or have we managed to make miserable decision just mainly because we allowed negative stuff to enter our minds? Well, of course, we are only humans,we make mistakes everyday, but have we tried our best to correct our mistakes for the next day? Let's try together.

First off, THINK POSITIVE. Most people don't know the power of having a positive mind, and normally those people are the ones who mock the positive-minded people. I also have these kind of negative friends. Every time I want to do something positive, these friends would tell me all the bad implications that might happen. I know they clearly have never done it, yet they still confidently throw these bad information that they got from God-knows-where on my face. So what should you do when you face this situation? Just let them finish what they say, and then smile. Maybe nod, once or twice. You know, being polite. Do not argue with them,as these kind of friends normally don't take advice very well. They talk, but refuse to listen. We talk, we listen, and we smile. Remember, stay strong to STAY POSITIVE. In a way, this will motivate us to be a better muslim/muslimah by saying positive things and not hurting other's feelings.

Positive thinking will allow positive things to come our way. Even the negatives one will turn into positives:)

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