Zarif is talking now

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
he he he. My son has started to talk now! I am so excited. Well, actually, he has started babbling since he was 3 months old (yup, super young public speaker lol) but right now his speech is more constant and he talks like a big boy. Owh, how life has changed. He is officially one year and 20 days today:) here are some of the pictures ( taken while he was busy talking and smiling non-stop) teeheehee :p

 This one was taken when we were sleeping in a hotel in Bandar Baru Bangi. He was so excited he talked it out till morning  (yes, he didn't allow his parents to sleep that night) (-.-")

 This one was taken when we went for morning jog. He loves steering wheel so much (as u can see in the picture)

 This recent picture was taken after his breakfast. He loves my big old teddy bear so much he grins so big every time he sees it lol

 Lil Willy Wonka, hahaha,like,seriously. He has that quirky wonka look lol

 Daddy's son. Spending time in daddy's office on weekend night (uwaaa..mommy doesn't like)

 Shuffling and talking at the same time. He is an expert now. 

Swag. lol. 

So here are the list of stuff that came out of my son's mouth:
1. susu = milk
2. apa khabar = how are u
3. apa = what
4. mama = mama
5. papa = papa
6. embah = grandma
7. sedap = tasty
8. ok = okay
9. jangan = don't
10. nak = want
11. ini = this
12. bye = bye
13. dah = done
14. itu = that
15. makan = eat
15. Laila ha illallah =) this one is really sweet

For your information, he said those words that is in malay version hehe, except Laila ha illallah. oh I am so proud of my lil caliph:) by the way, he doesn't utter those words in baby talk,as I have never talked to him that way:) It is so refreshing when we wake up each morning and have my son ask us "mama,papa,apa khabar?" translation --> "mama,papa,how are you?" and of course we always respond as "khabar baik"  / "I'm good" hehehe

Next project, I want to make him say I love u mama wahahaha :p


Elya Roza said...

Comel la zharif ni.... Die takot kt org x..hehe

noly anna said...

haha xlah dia xtakut orang.manja terlebih budak ni haha