my first bonus

How are you? Guess what, I just received my first bonus yesterday:) its in the middle of the month and I received 4 figure bonus. Sounds good? Indeed. Well, that's the beauty of this business. You don't even have to touch your monthly salary:) and I am only doing this business part time.

The medium used are only social medias; facebook, twitter, blog and instagram. But you can always do more. You can also use Keek, youtube, all those other social medias that I probably am not aware of :p There is no excuse of saying how busy you are (unless you are the Prime minister, then I rest my case) and you are unable to do this business for your side income. That's why I do this business under GLAM. The mentor (Hanis Haizi) and the group leader (Elya Roza) are really helping their new business partners. All we have to do is duplicate and follow what our leaders do. As easy as that. I mean, seriously.

I know there are some of you who are afraid of changes, afraid of the possibility of gaining nothing and probably losing everything? Seriously guys, those feelings are normal for someone who hasn't found GLAM. Me myself was skeptical at first, but after listening to extensive explanation by the mentor herself and my group leader, I am confident that there is nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Well, let's check.What do I gain? money? check. knowledge? check. steady business? check. Awesome business partners who help me along the way? check. and hopefully I will get my free trip after this. hehe. Now check what do I lose? nothing. I still have my family, my son, my husband. I still have my actual day job (safe and secure). I still have my friends, my car, my house. So take out all the negative thoughts that has been haunting you guys and start thinking ahead for your own future. It's possible to kill your dream or to build your dream. Its your choice.

You can always contact me and I will show you how to do business with GLAM.
It's teamwork and there is nothing to be afraid about.
After all, it's not just business. it's GLAM business. The one that I love.

To set appointment, just call or text my number
noly anna

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