Business sharing with a physiotherapist

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
As the title suggest, I had the pleasure of doing business sharing with a friend of mine last saturday at Mid Valley Megamall. Her name is Mas and she is from Kajang, working as a physiotherapist in one of the government hospital:) She wanted to know more about this business so we met and even the big boss (hanis haizi) surprised all of us by coming to the session (yay)

 That's four of us (from left-front) mas, me, hanis haizi and elya roza

That's me and my beloved mentor hanis haizi

Mas and I

my gorgeous business partner elya roza

my inspiration :)

So what are you waiting guys. If you want to know more about GLAM business, don't be shy to contact me
017-62 765 32
We will do this business as teamwork.
I promise.


BUNDA a.k.a KN said...


salam jumaat dari bunda...

noly anna said...

waalaikumussalam bunda:)