coffee session with Hanis Haizi


Haven't write anything for almost 2 weeks I guess.
Been busy with my son and handling all those family stuff ( I am still not a supermom..(-.-") haish )

So yesterday I had had the pleasure of meeting my beloved mentor Hanis Haizi along with my group leader,Elya Roza. Oh yes,and also with her other business partners.It was a great chance to know each other more and once in a lifetime chance to get hands-on coaching about this business from the mentor herself. We had coffee, we had tons of fun, boost our confidence and gained extra new knowledge. Well, now I know why people say doing business is so much fun (particularly this one!) Want to know why? Don't be shy to contact me :) 017-6276532

Well, people say a picture tells a thousand words. So here is a picture from yesterday. Psstt..if any of you have any idea of how hard it is to sit at the same table with my mentor Hanis Haizi, you know how big a deal this picture is:)
From left: That's me (noly), Hanis Haizi, Elya, Azmeer Aini,Yuyu Rashidi.

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